Automation Control Panel Enclosure


Automation Control Panel Enclosure

Challenge is robust design, make it simple and clutter free. The Enclosure is built in such a way that it should be EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), EMC (Electromagnetic charge) proof.

It should be Modular, Compact in size and simple to use to the end user. The Designing should be user friendly, safe to handle. Designing is done by considering required IP. Radio waves are one of the challenges which we faced while designing enclosures.

Overall the objective is to create an Enclosure which would be easy to wire, safe to handle, provide ease of diagnostics and be distinct in styling to create differentiation in the market.

Safe Enhanced Ergonomics

The designed product is a clean, safe and simple design with enhanced ergonomics.

Easy to Diagnostics

Diagnostics can be done easily. No complications

Injection Molding

The Enclosure are designed for an international market using engineering plastics and uses latest technologies of injection molding mass production to achieve economy of scale.