Automotive Electronics

Automotive Electronics

Build Robust Automotive Grade systems

Today, Automotive industries are taking next steps and transforming towards more of electrical and electronics. Modern cars now have more ECUs from 40 to 100.

We focus on rigid and reliable development. Making firmware more stable and rigid hardware which can give stable performance in harshest environmental condition. Our developed firmware is compatible with industry standard (MISRA/ AUTOSAR).

Automotive Electronics Solutions

Car interfaces: CAN, OBD-II, MOST, LIN

Multimedia Interface: Bluetooth, LAN, WiFi, MMC, USB

Fleet Management: Tracking, monitoring performance

VisionMachine is doing research on data gathered from ECU. The key focus of research is

  • To figure out Engine health.
  • Engine degradation level
  • Providing tips and suggestion for engine and other services.
  • Sending issues through internet to service providers