Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Make things smarter and simple with Computer Vision

Computer vision is about trying to teach computers how to understand scenes, recognizing objects or even navigate by avoiding obstacles by making use of Machine Learning, geometry and applied math. VisionMachine has unique expertise and vast experience in computer vision. VisionMachine team has developed a variety of projects based on computer vision such as people traffic counting. By making use of computer vision, you can achieve live unsupervised surveillances, recognize patterns and objects for various industrial applications.

Computer Vision Key focuses

Image Processing and Analysis

Pattern and Object Recognition

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Build Computer Vision solutions

Security and Surveillance

Live video surveillance through IP cam., Detecting for certain objects, events recording and notifying certain events.

Biomedical Application

Biomedical signal gathering, image forming, image display and picture processing to medical diagnosis based on features extracted from images.

Video Analysis

Motion adaptive noise reduction, motion estimate, video enhancement and noise reduction

Computer Vision API

Image analysis API, hand writing image to text converter, audio to text, Image info, colors, shade info etc API