Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Build Embedded Systems with VisionMachine

VisionMachine’s embedded team has wide range of expertise in embedded systems i.e. Hardware Design, PCB Design, Signal Integrity Analysis, Board & System Level Thermal Analysis, Wireless Design and Prototype Building to fulfill your product.

Embedded systems expertise

  • Low Power design (Battery operated devices)
  • High Speed system design
  • Analog sensor development and interface design
  • Communication Interface design
  • Audio/ video circuit interface design
  • Expertise in 8bit / 16 bit / 32 bit Microcontrollers
  • DSP (Digital signal processors) design
  • Graphics Processor/ Multimedia Processor
  • Wireless Interface design
  • RF design

Engineering Analysis

  • Digital interface timing analysis
  • Signal integrity analysis
  • Circuit: Power consumption, worst case analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • EMI and EMC solution and analysis
  • Reliability analysis with IEC standards

Power Electronics

  • Low cost discrete power supply/ power circuit design
  • Industrial motion control design
  • Motor driver circuitry
  • Battery Management

Embedded Firmware

  • Real Time Operating Systems
  • Scheduler development
  • Digital signal processors
  • Device Driver Development
  • RTLinux , MicroC/OS-II, Windows CE
  • 8/16/32 Microcontrollers firmware
  • BSP customization and RTOS migration
  • Boot Loaders Development

Software modelling and Simulation

  • MATLAB, Simulink from Mathworks

  • LabView from National Instrument