Industrial Automation and IIoT

Industrial Automation and IIoT

Improve Industrial Efficiencies With Automation

Automation increase efficiency and consistency, eliminates errors and increases productivity. It also allows better monitoring and control of manufacturing process and allows to replicate certain tasks over and over again. But automation isn’t just efficient and consistent but also smarter. Data is generated throughtout the process is used by various elements along the line to better control the workflow. Connecting the line through a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, or SCADA system allows the entire team to gain the insight to what is going on during the manufacturing process and notifies employees of any potential problems that are happening on the line.  
With VisionMachine you can develop smarter industrial automation systems which can improve productivity, efficiency, eliminate errors and be consitent. All this with stable performance and robust designs, considering the harsh indusrtial environments. We have delivered robust and smart control panels with GUI dashboards which allow monitoring and controlling plants. Such panels, connected over Wi-Fi, LAN and GPRS, have capacities to control solenoid valves, drive motors, powers consumption monitoring, sensors data monitoring etc. These smart panels have built-in power on self-test, self-diagnostics algorithm, which communicate with other modules and take actions. Fail-safe hardware and firmware designs make it more smarter for close loop operations and robust system.

Core Competences

Customized Control Panel with for control and Monitoring

Development of industrial Controllers (PLC)

Development of Drivers and BSP for Embedded Linux and RTOS

HMI device development with touch control