IoT Training Pragram

IoT Training Program

Why the IoT is Important?

 IoT will play an important role in the future and there is expected to be a significant amount of cash flowing through the market in the up-coming years.

Over half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate IoT elements by 2020.


Considering Importance of the IoT,  we have created open source community for IoT & Embedded System: Aim is to contribute to the open source community.

ElectronicWings is a community for IoT & Embedded Sys. developers to solve problems, grow skills and build things faster.

To take it to next level, We come up with IoT Training Program for the college. Our aim is to enhance student’s skills set in IoT & Encourage them for building IoT applications as an academics project.

It is a three week training program, where we provide training for 2 hours in a week & tasks to perform.

IoT Training Program

IoT Traning Kit

We believe best way to learn is Learn-By-Doing. we provide training kits to each group, so students can build/practice anywhere.

Advanced Level Training

Training will be provided from basics of controller, sensors interfacings to the Advanced dashboard, IoT Application & Artificial Intelligence System integration.


Every Participant will get certificate. Those who will perform all the task in training program, will be awarded with excellence achievement certificate.

Program Structure

1st Week: Arduino Week

  • Getting Started
  • Arduino IDE
  • Arduino Programming
  • Arduino ADC, PWM
  • Arduino USART
  • Arduino Serial Communication
  • Sensors & Module Interfacing
  • DHT11 sensor Interfacing
  • Monitoring Temperature & Humidity



Sensors & Modules


2nd Week: NodeMCU Week



  • Getting Started
  • NodeMCU IDE setup
  • NodeMCU Programming
  • NodeMCU ADC, PWM
  • HTTP, TCP-IP Client
  • Sensors & Module Interfacing
  • DHT11 sensor Interfacing
  • MQTT Protocol
  • Dashboard Designing
  • Monitoring Temperature & Humidity

3rd Week: IoT Application Building

Controlling Things Using Google Assistant & Alexa

Google Assistant

Amazon Alexa

Training Box

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