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Smart Monitoring Devices


Smart Monitoring Device

Monitoring Devices for Server and Data Centers

Challenge: Maintaining Temperature to certain point is crucial factor at server and data centers. To maintain it, there are cooling systems installed. however many times issues occurs like water leakage, which causes damages. To avoid this issues, it need to be monitored for temperature, water leakage detection and Humidity as well.

Sensors for Monitoring


Water Leakage



Wireless Sensor Devices

Small battery operated sensors devices which has temperature, humidity sensor on it. Along with temperature and humidity, long wire sensor for wet floor detection is attached. This device communicate with Gateway through Xbee communication protocol.

Gateway Device

It contains Master Xbee controller communicates with smart sensor devices and collect the sensors data continuously. Along with USB, this device has internet connectivity options which are WiFi, GPRS and LAN. through Internet It sends gathered data from all sensors devices to server.


Dashboard will show all the parameters like temperature, humidity in form of graph. water leakage statuses etc. If any exceptional event occurs like water leakage or temperature exceed over certain limits, then it will generates event of sms, email and alarm indicators for notifying.

Design Blocks

Sensor Device

Gateway device

Xbee Communication Network: Hundreds of smart sensors can communicate with single Gateway.

Ultra Low Power Design

Smart Sensor Module operated on coin cell Battery consumes only 2uA standby current. Practically it keep sensor working for more than 2 years.

Wide Range and Strong Network

One gateway can communicate with hundreds of sensor devices through Xbee Network. Xbee communicate up to 200 feet with Xbee pro, range will go up to more than 300 feets

Cost Effective Solution

With Gateway and smart sensor structure, It overall reduces the cost by five times than previous old systems.

Water Leakage Sensor

Testing Hardware, Xbee communication and Internet connectivity

Smart Sensor Device



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