Our Team

Ganesh Khomane

Ganesh is an Embedded systems/ IoT Developer. He manages the complete product development cycle. He has completed M. Tech from COEP. He always keeps thinking of ways to make products better.

Lokesh Chandak

Lokesh has completed his M.Tech from COEP, Pune. He is an embedded system enthusiast and loves to work on developing IoT applications, image processing, machine learning and much more. Previously he has also worked in ZTE Telecom and Androlabs. As a hobby, he has even worked on biomedical applications, developed brain to computer interfaces and many more applications.

Sushil Shinde

Sushil is a technology and business enthusiast having 5+ years of experience in business management, data analysis, IoT, web applications and much more. After completing his M.S. from Coventry(UK), he worked with Cognizant, Edgematics Technologies and IMRB. His main focus is planning and executing things on time.

Shardul Londhe

Shardul is a business development executive. He focuses on the client interactions, understanding their business needs. He also likes to play badminton and a die hard fan of Christopher Nolan films.

Suraj Inamdar

Suraj is an embedded system developer who loves to work on firmware coding, IoT analytics panels designing, automation and control systems.He previously worked in Wipro Limited, India. He is an avid programmer and has worked on implementing several key projects. He's the science guy in the team, loves physics and biology.

Amrut Ubare

Amrut is a hardcore electronics designer. He has been designing and developing robotic applications and automation systems since his college days. He has developed a variety of applications in domains like automotive electronics, power electronics, robotics, automation, control system and much more. He is always tinkering around with any and every electronic product he finds around him. He also loves painting, drawings and working out at the gym.

Abhijit Patil

Abhijit has completed his M.Tech from COEP, Pune. He is a tech enthusiast and an embedded system developer. He loves designing electronics systems, firmware coding and keep exploring new technologies. He loves music, is a diehard football fan and is gung ho over anime and manga.

Ajit Jadhav

Ajit is a web application developer. He is an all-rounder who has expertise in web application, Embedded Systems and IOT. He is very keen to learn new technologies and is always on his toes to grab the opportunity to persist them. He is passionate, energetic & friendly. He is always engaged in doing some technical things which yields maximum productivity.