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Vehicle Counting


Vehicle Counting System

In today’s world, analytics and data reign supreme. We are a society driven by numbers, facts and figures and make many decisions.With the help of vehicle counters, marketing and business professionals can make informed decisions about the future of the business. 

Using advanced digital signal processing (DSP), VisionMachine Vehicle Counting transforms video cameras into intelligent counting sensors. Its stand-alone design enables it to detect and count vehicles utilizing video received from IP video cameras.

The software even stabilizes the video image. Advanced background algorithms and Machine Learning based object detection algorithm then ignore any nuisance images, such as shadows or lighting changes. Once an object is detected, a filter is applied to avoid counting non-vehicle items.

Single Lane Vehicle Counting


People Counting system has accuracy higher than 95%. High accuracy in High traffic, different environment and even in low light. Algorithm removes shadows for more accuracy. Manages queue line.

Analytics and Reports

Intuitive business intelligence cloud software system, Customizable dashboards with automated report sharing, Easy to scale and expand

Two Lane Vehicle Counting